DLabs.AI specializes in developing services and products with a need for Data Science, Machine Learning, and AI. We build AI-based solutions as well as web and mobile applications. We focus on creating a clear, intuitive UI and put Data Science at their core. Our team provides advanced solutions for Sales, Marketing, Health, Physical fitness, Education, Nutrition, Psychological Research, and many more.

At every point in time, we have a bunch of long-term and short-term projects. Some of them are for external clients, some of them are our internal experiments. The flagship product that we still develop is Suguard — a mobile app offering personalized medical advice to guide diabetes through their daily routine.

We’re no big corporation which means that every team member has real input in our company growth, the tools we use, and how we work. Your ideas are important to us, and our management is open to new solutions. We want people to work smart, not hard. Not only focused on results but also the means of getting said results.


  • You have at least 5/6 years of commercial software engineering experience, with Python, and you are hungry to learn new things
  • bility to integrate with external APIs and systems
  • Knowledge of Python libraries – both the standard library and popular PyPI ones
  • Experience using testing frameworks
  • Experience working with large amounts of data
  • Confidence and experience to peer review other developers’ code
  • Ability to adhere to agreed standards and style, keeping the codebase clean and maintainable
  • Knowledge of the MVC web framework paradigm
  • Good working knowledge of PostgreSQL or other databases
  • Good knowledge of Git
  • Familiarity with Linux server environment
  • Understanding that running your app on EC2 is not enough to call it a “cloud app”
  • Hands-on experience applying design concerns in at least one project
  • Clear communicator with the ability to articulate complicated matters in plain English
  • Good consulting skills to be a trusted advisor for our clients
  • Listening skills to understand our clients perspectives with the ability to ask insightful questions to get to the real need


  • Certificate GCP Cloud Architect or Cloud Practitioner
  • Docker, Ansible, Terraform


  • The satisfaction of solving real business problems for our clients
  • Rich experience with the opportunity to taste a variety of short- and mid-length projects
  • Small teams: 2-5 members
  • Remote work or in our office in Gdansk
  • A chance to use Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to have a real impact on peoples’ lives